CSPWA Annual General Meeting


The 2023 Catholic School Parents WA Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday the 15th June via Zoom. As per the usual procedure for AGM’s the papers included reports from the President, Treasurer and the Executive Director. CSPWA also provides for the AGM an Office Report which covers off a lot of the work the office engages in throughout the year. Although in one sense it may look a bit like a ‘shopping list’ it provides an idea of the breadth of work and projects that CSPWA work on, on behalf of their members throughout the year.

The AGM also includes the opportunity for parents from affiliated schools to nominate to CSPWA Council and nominations for the year ahead include:

                Catherine Howarth                  - Francis Jordan Catholic Primary School

                Richard Bone                           - Mercy College

                Marina Hayward                      - Mercedes College

                Kate Price                                - St Anthony’s CPS

                Georgie Elle                             - St Kieran CPS

                Alan Buckley                            - Bunbury Catholic College


We welcome our new members and look forward to working together in the best interests of our children and young people. We still have the capacity to co-opt another 3 or 4 councillors, so if any parent whose school parent group is affiliated with CSPWA is interested in finding out more about the role of councillor, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

CSPWA council and staff look forward to working hard on behalf of all parents who choose a Catholic education for their children in Western Australia.      

To read the 2023 AGM report, please click here.