P&F Terms of Reference


On 2 September 2022, the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia (CECWA) approved a single model of operation for P&Fs in CEWA schools. This will see the P&F operate as a committee of the Catholic school, governed by consistent Terms of Reference (TOR) and common financial practices. These TOR are issued by CECWA, in consultation with Catholic School Parents Western Australia (CSPWA) and will be reviewed collaboratively as the need arises. To view and download the Terms of Reference and accompanying guidelines, please see below.

Terms of Reference

Once adopted, the TOR will replace the P&F constitution. This document can be edited to include the P&F name and logo. The TOR provides information on the authority of the P&F, its functions, membership, member training and development, general meetings and the annual community meeting, establishing sub-committees, the financial management of the P&F, communication, and how to review the effectiveness of its operations. There is also information on P&F insurance and Catholic ethos and faith formation.

Terms of Reference Guidelines

The TOR guidelines have been developed to support P&Fs to enact the TOR. The guidelines are not intended as a universal approach as each P&F will have variations based on their local school context. They have been developed in consultation with Catholic School Parents WA (CSPWA).

Financial Practices Guidelines

These guidelines have been developed to assist the P&F Treasurer and wider committee to understand how the P&F finances will be operated and managed under the Terms of Reference. It covers the P&F bank account, levy, receipts and payments including cash management, eftpos, reimbursements, invoices, store cards, petty cash, floats and donations to the school, GST implications, reporting and monitoring P&F finances, audits and grants. The P&F Treasurer is encouraged to work closely with the school Finance Officer/Bursar to manage the P&F funds and present reports at P&F meetings. There are numerous templates available to assist the Treasurer in the CEWA P&F portal https://pandf.cewa.edu.au/, otherwise please contact our office on 9338 9987 or via email support@csp.wa.edu.au