Parent Groups

Catholic School Parents WA have been providing support to parent groups since it's establishment in 1954. P&Fs then, were integral to the running of the schools. Through organised meetings and events, essential funds were raised to build and maintain schools and the voluntary effort of parents ensured the small parish schools remained viable. There was no government funding to support the schools and all funding came from parents and parishes.

CSPWA have a range of resources and templates available for P&F groups in the "Parent Groups" section of our website, including help sheets on how to run P&F meetings, the roles and responsibilities of each Office Bearer role, and suggestions for how to attract volunteers and to fundraise within your school. We also provide an Online School Parent Induction course, which is available for free to affiliated schools.

CSPWA rely on our schools to affiliate with us, at a cost of $3.90 per child, to enable us to continue to provide our resources and offer our visiting services to P&Fs. For more information on what your affiliation gets you, please see our affiliation flyer: